Selfishness vs Self – Preservation

One of my friends is mad at me. Really mad. Like didn’t tell me she was moving out of state, mad. For the same reason ALOT of my girlfriends get mad at me. I’m a UPS friend. I become friends with people (pick them up), love them, have great times with them, and then when circumstances change I drop them back off and I’m off the to the next thing. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t replace people. I Just have a certain amount of time & energy and it’s usually reserved for those things in my eyesight.
It never means I don’t love them or I never think of them. I’m not that busy. I’m just…. present. I’m in the moment I’m in. People get hurt when they have expectations of who they wish someone to be, instead of who they really are. The people that last in my life are those who accept that when something major happens, good or bad, I’m going to call you. I want you to do the same. If you need me, for anything, even the most random “what type of bra was that you told me about” questions, then hit me up. I will never miss a birthday party & I don’t cancel plans when we make them. But the everyday, the mundane? Not for me. I’m never going to be an shoot the shit type of friend. Never a call and let’s just talk on the phone friend. It’s not me. And one thing I know for sure, I can never comfortably, be what anyone wants me to be. The deal she had was never with me. It was with herself. Her own expectations. I never agreed to be anything, ever other than who I am. And now I’ve been annoyed all morning that during our conversation I found myself apologizing not not only my actions, but for who I am. Friendships with others are hard but… I will always be my own best friend. And I’m okay with that.


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Lupita + Lanc么me

A moment. That’s what we are about to get. An ad moment. Lupita Nyong’o has been tapped to be Lanc么me’s newest ambassador. Look at her from the past few months:


Lanc么me loves to treat their girls like peacocks and go for the bold, pretty, edgy look. Remember this? I still look at this pic for inspiration:


Super pretty. The ads are going to be epic & I can’t wait. Happy Friday !

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Hey new followers. Just thought I would pop up and say heyyyy, y’all (Beyonce voice)
I live on my Twitter @curvygirlcool & show up infrequently on Instagram as well.

If you didn’t read it here is my piece on Mindy Kaling for Refinery29:

I know I could’ve hyperlinked that but I’m typing this on my iPhone on my way to work.

Feel free to chat me up!
Ttyl! Keep it curvy & cool.

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Anywhere but here…


I’ve grabbed a few items for my April week long getaway. The fact that it’s not even booked yet is a minor detail. *knocks on wood* I’m so indecisive I’m actually using a travel agent this go round. I want the most bang for my buck. A resort with clear water, a soft sand beach and yummy food is all I need.

Isn’t that printed bikini fun? It looks expensive and lush in person. Plus I’ve always wanted a black high waisted bikini to play pretend pin-up girl on the beach.
The dresses (both under $30!) have great details usually found on designer dresses. I’m all about a cute sexy look this spring/summer & those back cutouts are oh-la-la. They’ll also look great with tights until the weather decides to get its act together. NYC is still in the 30s. Wherever I end up this April will be a blessing.

All items from Forever21. The entire purchase was just $100!

Planning any getaways? Purchased any spring/summer items? Let me know!

Stay warm! Stay Chic!

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Do more with less.

I am obsessed with a website I recently discovered. Cuyana, an apparel and accessories brand that lives by the line “Better, Fewer Things”
They started the聽Lean Closet movement, where fashion and magazine gurus have given tips, pictures and advice on how to edit your closet down and make it a peaceful, easy to shop, wearable place. (How cute are the drawings?! They remind me of Garance Dore sketches.)

My closet is many things, peaceful is not one of them. Nor is it easy to shop and its not wearable. I spend hours searching for items, some of which don’t fit (more on that later) and its really like a black hole. Not to mention my new job style woes.

The Lean Closet stresses only buying things you love, getting rid of things you don’t, and even gives you weekly activities to complete.

I’ve committed to the Lean Closet movement and I will be documenting it here! 馃檪

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My life is on 10. Literally. I’m averaging 10 hour days. I no longer work an 8 to 5, instead my schedule is all over the place. Some days I’m starting work at 3pm, other days 6am. Aside from the fact that I am now an official commuter! Metro-North & the NYC Subway are both apart of my daily routine. I have an approx. 90 min commute. Each way. :-/ I was speaking to a my cousin and giving an “all is well but how did I get here?” vibe and she quickly reminded me that I’ve wanted to work in NYC since I was a child. How could I forget? Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.
Either way I just wanted a quick hey! and to explain why I’ve been away so long.

Winter- I’m writing this in the middle of the 13th snowstorm my city has seen. UGH.
I also have a browser window open for a weekend getaway. My soul needs it.

NYFW- I’ve attended 5 shows this week, in conjunction with Men’s Style Today. (a really cool Men’s blog) Women this fall will still be rocking an oxblood lip and a fishtail side braid. Super cute and easy.

I’ve read 3 books in the last week but my favorite has been “Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg” – I’m late but this book is amazing. It’s insightful, smart, funny and it gives you facts mixed with personal anecdotes. We couldn’t be more different, yet Sheryl is me. I’ve had the same fears, the same exact conversations with myself and I’ve even come to some of the same conclusions on my own. Love & recommend. The best advice? Make your partner, a partner. I live with my boyfriend and over the last few weeks he has scheduled and paid the housekeeper, made dinner,dropped off laundry, gone food shopping and picked up wet swiffer wipes from Target. I had to ask “How does it feel being LaToya?” He responded “Busy.” Exactly!

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Personal Style? “I’m a person, I have style”


Up until December 2013, I worked for a Fashion/Retail company that represented a variety of brands along with their own, for the last 6 years. The workplace was extremely free when it came to “personal style”. Professional attire was always “asked” of us but it was a “look your best” guideline and as such, open to many different interpretations. There was fur, leather, heels, flats, and any and every kind of fabulosity.

Well, I recently switched to working for a retailer in a more exciting role with major growth opportunity. Now, I work for one specific vendor. During orientation they let us know that style was a HUGE part of their brand and they expect you to look like their brand. We must have spent 4 hours on the subject of style, what it means to you, words that describe your personal style and what you representing the brand means to them. (Not too long ago I was having a convo with a girlfriend /stylist about personal style and I said “I’m a person, I have style. That’s really the only box I’m in!” LOL)

I’ve shared during my vision board post how in 2013 I committed to elevating my style and leaving the house polished everyday. I can confidently say it was my prettiest year ever. I fell in love with Wayf & DVF’s cool polished glamour. I already owned close to 50 dresses and that collection grew. I added leather skirts, matching sets aka Phillip Lim for Target, and a laser cut BCBG dress that I live for. I realized I hate wearing cardigans, can tolerate slim thin fabric blazers, and I feel most like me when I’m dressed up, showing some leg (even if those legs are in tights). Polished Glamour.

My new job? Casual, layered & cool. She wears sweaters with button downs and relaxed jeans. Dresses that remind me of Kate Spade.Very J. Crew, chambray shirt, all-americana. Not my current aesthetic but everyday I try to add a bit of my brand’s element into my styling. I roll my sleeves, add a blush so I look fresh faced and keep my hair simple yet polished.

Well… this weekend I wore the BCBG leather dress… and then when faced, this morning, with a “get down and dirty day” I chose leather TOPSHOP leggings and a python print tunic cinched with a skinny belt adorned with gold skulls.

Ever do something wrong and you’re waiting for your parents to discuss it with you? Just waiting. Nervously, but trying to be cool? That was me all day. I knew it. Knew as soon as I saw my boss’ face. She asked if I would be free to speak to her at 2:45. (Sidenote: I’ve held numerous management positions and the position I hold now is also management. Anytime you have to speak to an employee about a subject that is less than pleasant, you choose one of two times. Before they go home or before their break. Gives them time to recoup. So I KNEW what was coming)

So my conversation went something like this:

LaToya we love you. We think you are so cute.

Its my outfit right? I knew it. The leather leggings. I’m really sorry I just thought for my dirty visual day… I’m too casual.

No you look amazing! Super polished, very cute. You look like a walking Zara ad!

(This is the BEST compliment I’ve ever received)

OMG Thank You! I was so worried…

Umm, you see the problem is you don’t work for Zara or H&M. You work for **** and we expect you to look like us. Our style.

OH. (*redface*) LMAO (Ever think you are getting a compliment, only to not be getting a compliment? Yes. I had that feeling)

Yup. Knew it was coming. Time to re-invent my personal style. So challenging, anxiety inducing, and exciting all at once.

Like falling in love, its going to be a very delicate balance of becoming someone new, someone I need to become, all while still being & holding on to myself.

I do have legit questions… like how does a busty girl effectively wear a button down? Safety pins, I learned. Also my brand? 2014 Spring is showing a chambray short suit!! Looking up already… 馃檪

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